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Perfect Holiday Gifts for the Homeschool Family


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The holidays are upon us! This week, with turkey filled bellies, many will head to department stores into the wee hours of the morning to lock in the best Black Friday prices they can find. Prior to having children, this was me all the way! The idea of online shopping never really appealed to me. I wanted to be in the action! The thrill of the chase, the excitement of scooping up a great deal, waiting in lines, chatting with fellow shoppers. It was all a part of the experience.

Then, I had children. At that point nothing became more exciting to me than the idea that I could shop for my entire family in my pajamas with a bottle glass of wine in my hand and a credit card from the comfort of my couch! Combine that with Amazon’s Prime Shipping option and I could procrastinate as well! It was the perfect solution for a busy mom.

As I make my list this year and check it twice, I have come across some truly cool items for the homeschooling family. Take a peek!

For the Homeschool Kiddos …

Perfect for a variety of ages, these educational toys are fun and functional offering a hands-on approach to learning!



Whether you have a junior engineer, doctor, or author on your hands, there are a variety of entertaining toys available that will stimulate your little one’s imagination.

For the Homeschool Mom…

How many homeschool moms could use some encouragement, humor, and…hot coffee?!


For the Homeschool Dad…

Dads play such a vital role in successful homeschooling. Whether it is by supporting a homeschooling mom or teaching the children himself, dads rock!


For the Homeschool Family…

If you are like my family, sometimes space is an issue. Giving the gift of a family experience is also an AMAZING way to spread some joy around the holidays! Memberships to local museums and attractions or even tickets to a performance make wonderful presents.

Not exactly what you had in mind? Here are some other wonderful additions to any homeschooling family’s household:


Regardless of what gifts you decide upon this year, the most important part of the holidays is that you have fun and remember the reason for the season. Holidays can be stressful. Taking the time to stop and cherish these moments with our family and friends is greater than any wrapped piece of merchandise. From my family to yours, a blessed and healthy holiday season!

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