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-OCTOBER 2018-

October 1st – Homeschool Dinosaur Assembly, 12:00pm


Spinosaurus Encounter!
Travel back in time to prehistoric Egypt and help presenter Dr. Dino discover more about the largest land predator of all time—Spinosaurus!

Students will dig for fossils; discuss habitats, adaptations, and stratigraphy; and finally, meet Spiny! This traveling 45-minute stage show is written for students in grades K–6 but can be enjoyed by all audiences.

Please email Samantha at to confirm your reservation. Please include the number of adults and children attending.


Cost: $7 per person. Children 2 and under are free.
Payments can be made via PayPal at or via check (PM for mailing address). Register by September 22nd! 


Andrew Carnegie Free Library and Music Hall

300 Beechwood Avenue

Carnegie, PA 15102


What big question(s) will this program help my students answer?

Throughout the assembly stage show, students will be trying to determine what a fossil’s shape and structure can tell us about its function during the dinosaur’s lifetime and how can it inform us about Spiny’s habitat. They will also be exploring how fossils are discovered in the field and what their position in the earth’s layers means!

What are the learning objectives on which we’ll be focusing?

After gathering evidence through exploration and investigation in the stage show, students will be able to:

Explain what a body part’s structure can tell us about its function.
Interpret fossil evidence in the context of determining what type of habitat Spinosaurus lived in.
Analyze the connection between the rock layering and the relative age of fossils.

What science and inquiry standards are addressed in this program?

Biological Science/Evolution
3.1.1.C3: Constancy and Change: Describe changes that occur as a result of habitat.
3.1.2.C3: Constancy and Change: Describe some plants and animals that once lived on Earth, (e.g. dinosaurs) but cannot be found anymore. Compare them to now living things that resemble them in some way (e.g. lizards and birds).
3.1.3.C3: Constancy and Change: Recognize that fossils provide us with information about living things that inhabited the Earth long ago.
Science as Inquiry
Understand that all scientific investigations involve asking and answering questions and comparing the answer with what is already known.
Use data/evidence to construct explanations and understand that scientists develop explanations based on their evidence and compare them with their current scientific


November 5th – Inventionland Homeschool Tours

pirateship1Interested in taking a peek inside the 61,000 square foot immersive environment, known as America’s largest invention factory? Join us to discover where great ideas become innovative new products.

Learn more here!


Monday, November 5th

Tour Schedule:

8:30am – 5th grade and older

10:00am – K-4th grade

1:00pm – K-4th grade

2:30pm – K-4th grade


Adults: $8
Children: $5

Payments can be made via PayPal at or via check. Register by October 30th! 

Due to the overall format and content of this tour, very young children are discouraged from attending as it may not hold their interest. 


Please RSVP by emailing Samantha at Please include your full name, number of adults and the number of children (please include child’s age/grade level as well).


December 1st – Homeschool Christmas at the Nationality Rooms


Celebrate this holiday season by learning about cultures from all around the world in the Nationality Rooms at the Cathedral of Learning in Pittsburgh! Enjoy a guided tour and explore Germany, Russia, Scotland, Sweden, and more!



Saturday, December 1st
Tour begins promptly at 10:00am and runs approximately 90 minutes.


Adults: $4
Youth: $2 (ages 6-18)
Children under 6 are FREE.

*Full registration and payment details will be emailed closer to the date.

The content of the tours is historical and architecturally descriptive. It can be adjusted for younger visitors, but some basic awareness of geography is unavoidable.


Please RSVP by emailing Samantha at Please include your full name, number of adults and the number of children (please include child’s age as well).