Pittsburgh Glass Center– February 2019

Students observed artists gather, shape, and blow amazing works of art – including a giant cupcake with icing and a candle!  Students were also taken on a guided tour in the art gallery where they learned about contemporary glass artists and Pittsburgh’s rich history in glass. Thank you, Pittsburgh Glass Center for a fun and educational trip!

Nationality Room Tour– December 2018

What better way to celebrate the season than to learn about cultures from all around the world! Area homeschoolers enjoyed guided tours in the Nationality Rooms at the Cathedral of Learning in Pittsburgh. We explored Germany, Russia, Scotland, Sweden, and more!

Inventionland Tour – November 2018

Recently, homeschooled students took a peek inside the 61,000 square foot immersive environment, known as America’s largest invention factory – Inventionland! We learned how great ideas become innovative new products! Thanks, Inventionland!

Katy’s Kids Presentation – October 2018

The Duquesne University Mylan School of Pharmacy has partnered with the Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association to provide a program to children in preschool through second grade about the safe and effective use of medication entitled “Katy’s Kids.”

Students learned about the importance of medicine safety and got to visit interactive stations. Thanks to Duquesne University Pharmacy students and to Bethel Park Public Library for hosting us in their space!


Homeschool Dinosaur Assembly – October 2018

Spinosaurus Encounter! Students traveled back in time to prehistoric Egypt and helped presenter Dr. Dino discover more about the largest land predator of all time—Spinosaurus!

Students discussed habitats, adaptations, and stratigraphy; and finally, met Spiny! Special thanks to the Carnegie Museum of Natural History for the amazing opportunity and to Andrew Carnegie Free Library to hosting us in your beautiful space!


Subzero Nitrogen Ice Cream Tour – August 2018

What is better than ice cream? How about Science + Ice Cream?!?

On a recent tour of Subzero Ice Cream in Upper St. Clair, students learned about science concepts using liquid nitrogen, witnessed some neat science experiments, and enjoyed a tasty treat! COOL!

Homeschool Coding at the Apple Store – May 2018

Students were given an opportunity to explore coding concepts and get hands-on with the same code professional developers use every day. Special thanks to all of the awesome professionals at Apple, Inc. for providing such a cool experience!


Homeschool Water Safety Presentation at Goldfish Swim School – May 2018

Just in time for warm weather, our friends at Goldfish Swim School in McMurray, PA welcomed us for a special Water Safety Presentation to area homeschooling families. Students learned about the importance of water safety, how to respond in an emergency, and got a chance to rescue an instructor! Thanks, Goldfish!

Homeschool Day on the Farm: Spring Tour of Triple B Farms – May 2018

Our annual tour of Triple B Farms was a wonderful success! We visited the farm animals, traveled through the apple orchard, and learned about the importance of bees in agriculture! Each child received a honey stick as well as took home their own “Garden in a Glove!” Thanks, Triple B!

Homeschool Discussion with Dr. Maria Wheeler Dubas – April 2018

Dr. Maria Wheeler-Dubas is the science education outreach coordinator at Phipps Conservatory. Being homeschooled from K – 12 herself, Dr. Wheeler-Dubas went on to earn her Ph.D. in biology from Duquesne University.

Thank you to Dr. Wheeler and her mother for presenting local families with details about their own homeschool experience and answering common questions!

WTAE Homeschool Weather Assembly – April 2018

For the first time ever, WTAE’s Pittsburgh Action Weather and the Carnegie Science Center teamed up to provide a weather presentation assembly for local Pittsburgh homeschoolers! We had a wonderful time learning about storms, tornadoes, and more! Thank you to WTAE and the Carnegie Science Center for a wonderful event as well as the Andrew Carnegie Free Library for hosting us!


Observer Reporter Tour – The History of the Newspaper – March 2018

One of the things I love the most about Washington County, PA is its rich history and historical significance throughout. The Observer Publishing Company building is of no exception. While modern advancements in news reporting are fascinating, learning the origins of how things were made is of great importance. On a recent guided tour by Mr. Thomas Northrup, publisher of the Observer Reporter, we learned so much about the evolution of the newspaper! We were able to tour the newsroom floor and learn about the importance of meeting deadlines for print. While currently inoperable, the children were allowed to view the old printing press and assembly lines in the basement. Having an expansive collection of antique artifacts, Mr. Northrup shared items like a hand press from 1850s, the 1st laptop, and the 1st cell phone ever used for reporting. Each child was given an antique print key to take with them as a token of their experience as well! Many thanks to Mr. Northrup and all of the staff at the Observer Reporter for hosting us!


Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Production Facility – March 2018

Delivering news to nearly 1 million people per week, the Pittsburgh Post Gazette is the region’s largest newspaper and most visited news website. In 2014, the Post Gazette moved from its original location to a new, state of the art, 245,000 square foot production facility. Positioned in Clinton, PA near the Pittsburgh International Airport, the production facility is quite a sight to see! With machines so large that the roof of the building had to be raised and GIANT paper rolls – the kids loved it! Each child was given their very own reporter notebook and instructions for making a newspaper press hat. Thank you to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette for welcoming us to the facility!


Homeschool Trip: A Visit to the Dentist – February 2018

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month. Each February, the American Dental Association (ADA) sponsors National Children’s Dental Health Month to raise awareness about the importance of oral health.

We were recently welcomed into a local pediatric dentist’s office to learn more about the importance of dental hygiene and take a tour. The children got to try out some cool shades, take a ride in the dental chair, see where x-rays are taken, and more! Thank you to Pediatric Dentistry South for hosting us!



Western PA Model Railroad Museum  – December 2017

Is there anything more fascinating for children than trains? Recently, we were fortunate to have the opportunity to experience a day learning about the railroad at one of our favorite holiday spots: the model train museum! Entirely run by volunteers,  the WPMRM is a nonprofit organization located in Gibsonia, Pennsylvania dedicated to promoting and preserving the history of railroads in Western Pennsylvania through the hobby of model railroading. They were gracious enough to open their doors to homeschoolers recently and we had an amazing time!



Be a Smart Shopper! – Giant Eagle Tour  – November 2017

Part of being a smart shopper is making healthy choices. During this hands-on nutrition-based field trip, students discussed healthy decision making with the help of MyPlate principles and nutrition facts. The Be A Smart Shopper! program opened the doors of our neighborhood Giant Eagle to teach valuable lessons on health and well-being.

On our tour, the children talked about portion sizes, making balanced meal choices, and the benefits of staying active. We were also given tasty samples at each station and a bag of resources to take home to reinforce what we had learned. Thank you to Market District – Giant Eagle for welcoming us and Field Trip Factory for providing these valuable opportunities for children! 


Waste Management – Arden Landfill – October 2017

One of the beauties of social media is the ability to connect with other homeschooling families and share amazing opportunities together! Recently, we had the chance to visit the Waste Management location in Washington, PA, thanks to the coordination of a fellow homeschool mom. It was a chilly morning but the kids kept entertained by learning where trash goes once it leaves the curb. Children were given the opportunity to operate the arm of the garbage truck as well! In addition to the machinery, my children were fascinated by how many turkey vultures circled the landfill! An experience not soon forgotten!



Triple B Farms – October 2017

Fall weather is our absolute favorite!! Not only is fall beautiful with the changing leaves and pumpkins, but it is abundant with educational experiences. We were so fortunate this year to coordinate with one of our wonderful local, family-owned farms, Triple B, for their first ever homeschooling day! We learned SO much about the importance of bees and pollination, soil and harvesting plants, and more! We are so thankful for the wonderful opportunity to learn about agriculture! What a wonderful day! 🍎🌽🌱🐝🐄