Magic Tree House, Mary Pope Osbourne, reading, first grade

Magic Tree House Activities


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On my son’s 7th birthday, he received two new books to add to his chapter book library. As a lover of dinosaurs, he was immediately taken with the first book in the series entitled Dinosaurs Before Dark. If you are unfamiliar with The Magic Tree House series by Mary Pope Osborne, it chronicles the adventures of siblings Jack and Annie Smith as they travel the world and embark on secret missions that originate in their magical tree house. Whether travelling back in time to visit the Wild West or unearthing mummies in Ancient Egypt, an exciting adventure awaits for each reader. The Magic Tree House series starts off with the first group of 28 books designed for ages 6-10.  Then it branches off into a second (slightly longer) set of stories titled Merlin’s Missions where Jack and Annie are often joined by Kathleen and Teddy on more great journeys.

As a homeschooling mom, I love that I can incorporate the historical information that takes place in the stories into our daily lessons as well. Mary Pope Osborne does a fantastic job of providing companion books along with some of the stories, which provide more of the factual components behind the fictional stories.

All Aboard the Titanic with Jack and Annie! (SAMPLE UNIT STUDY)










I chose to highlight Tonight on the Titanic above. Each day we would read a few chapters of the fictional account of Jack and Annie and compare notes in the Magic Tree House Fact Tracker. While not all stories have a companion piece, there are a wide variety available including the rainforest, WWII, mummies and the pyramids, and more!

Magic Tree House, books. chapter books, homeschool

“Save our Ship!” Morse Code worksheet from the Kids’ Adventure Club of Magic Tree House.

Additionally, the Magic Tree House website is a great resource for educational material and printable supplemental activities.  It includes a section specifically for teachers and parents as well as a special Kids Adventure Club!

Magic Tree House, Mary Pope Osbourne, reading, first grade

My son had a blast helping Jack and Annie complete their online missions and add stamps to his passport along the way. Packed with reading comprehension questions and fun-filled interactive activities, the Magic Tree House website is a great resource!

Topics include:

-Science & Technology



-Art History

-History & Social Studies

-Nature & Animals

Magic Tree House Educational Resources, Activities, and more!

Jack_and_Annie (1)

Mary Pope Osborne’s Classroom Adventures Program

Magic Tree House Lesson Plans

Magic Tree House Curriculum and Resources

DIY Magic Tree House Craft

Magic Tree House Coloring Pages

Additional Magic Tree House Books


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