Peeps Easter Activities: Homeschool Edition


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Easter is almost here which means it’s time for a childhood classic…PEEPS! Honestly, I’ve never been a big fan of actually eating them myself. But, I have found them useful in a variety of other ways this time of year. From decorating to science experiments, there is no shortage of neat ways to incorporate these little marshmallow treats into your homeschool lessons!


Dissolving Peeps

The great part about utilizing Peeps is that children can visualize different concepts because of their interesting texture and vibrant color.

Peeps, science, Easter, STEM, homeschool

Recording their predictions

For example, try letting them sit in different solutions to see how they are affected. Have your child observe and record their changes in size, shape, and color in a notebook. Make predictions about which unlucky bunny will dissolve first and use a timer to record your findings!

Solution suggestions:

  • Vinegar
  • Water
  • Soda
  • Milk
  • Apple Juice
  • Oil

Expanding Peeps

What says spring time more than an exploding purple marshmallow bunny in your microwave?! With three little boys, this is a sure fire way to become an instant rock-star. This experiment perfectly illustrates what happens to the Peeps when exposed to extreme heat. Plus, it’s just cool.

It’s simple. Just put a Peep on a plate and place it in the microwave. We kept increasing our time in 30 second increments. *Be careful to not heat too long or they might catch on fire! 

Also, try the reverse approach and freeze them! 

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In addition to science, there are variety of ways to illustrate mathematical concepts with Peeps in a fun and interactive way! We have recently started talking about fractions. Having multiple colors created a nice visualization to explain this concept! Addition, subtraction, division…you name it. Math is more fun with marshmallows!

Peeps, Easter, homeschool, math, preschool, kindergarten

Math Concepts with Peeps


Do you have a little artist on your hands? Here are some clever ways to incorporate Peeps into your art projects:

Make an Easter Lantern Craft.

Create a holiday wreath.

Experiment with Peeps Play Dough.


Peeps Marshmallow Popcorn Eggs

Peeps S’mores

Peeps Fruit Kabobs


Want to learn how Peeps are made? Take a behind the scenes virtual tour of the factory!

Inexpensive, colorful, and always a crowd pleaser, Peeps can add an extra layer of fun to learning for your little ones around the holidays!



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